Russo Corporation has completed projects of all types, sizes and conditions, ranging from slurry drilling along the Atlantic and Gulf areas, to limestone and gneiss rock excavation found in the eastern mountain ranges. We routinely perform work in power plants, along transmission lines, industrial facilities, MSHA sites, and commercial sites in a varietly of working conditions.

In addition to a complete mechanical shop, warehouse, and several acre yard, our drill rigs range from the small, highly mobile pressure diggers to crane attachments capable of drilling 12 foot diameter shafts over 200 feet deep. We also have the capability to work in low headroom environments.

Russo Corporation is registered and has completed projects with the following departments of transportation: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Whether on land or from barge, Russo can handle your project.


Drilled Shafts or Caissons
Russo CorpDrilled Shafts or Caissons are traditional foundation elements utilized all over the country forstructural support. Russo Corporation has completed projects of all types, sizes and geologic conditions, ranging from slurry drilling along the Atlantic and Gulf coastal regions, to limestone and gneiss rock drilling found in the eastern mountain ranges. Our drilled shaft capacity includes drilling and installing shafts with diameters in excess of 15’ and up to 200’ deep. We routinely perform work in power plants, along transmission lines, in industrial facilities, MSHA sites, DOT projects and at various commercial sites in a wide variety of working conditions, including low headroom, off barges, and in congested sites.


Russo CorpMicropiles are small diameter piles (typically 12” diameter or less) which can be installed in lieu of traditional piles. Micropiles capacities can range from 7 tons to 300 tons or more depending on the ground conditions, pile size, reinforcement and method of installation. Several micropile types exist to include driven, drilled, pushed, compaction grouted, jet grouted, pressure grouted and/or post grouted. Micropiles can be utilized to address very complex drilling conditions in complicated overburden or to provide options for piling where restricted access or low headroom prevents traditional piling methods. Applications include: underpinning, new foundation support, earth retention, uplift resistance, and slope stabilization.


Augered Piles
Russo CorpAugered Piles can offer an excellent solution for structural support in certain geologic conditions. There are two common installation methods for these cast-in-place piling systems. The first involves rotating a continuous flight, hollow-stem auger into the ground to a specified depth, then placing high-strength grout, under pressure, as the auger is removed. In this scenario, there is volume replacement as spoils are removed and grout is introduced. The second method involves rotating and compressing a specialty hollow auger-head tool in the soil to a specified depth and injecting grout under pressure as it is withdrawn. In this scenario, volume displacement occurs as very little spoil is produced. Lateral loading requirements can be met by placing reinforcing steel while grout is still fluid in both instances.






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  • Russo Corporation has been in business over
    54 years and many of our personnel are lifetime
    employees. We have built a talented and
    experienced staff that allows our company to
    take on the most difficult projects. Our employees
    are experienced with the rigors of working in
    highly scrutinized facilities and project sites. Our
    operators and staff are well trained, highly skilled
    individuals. The experience of our employees is
    not easily substituted.

  • Our mechanical shops in Birmingham, Alabama
    and Fort Worth, Texas service our field operations
    to assure project schedules are met. Russo
    Corporation demonstrates a high regard for safety
    in all that we do. Our culture is one that cultivates a
    safe work environment.

  • So whether you are looking for a competitive price
    for a project or design-build assistance, Russo
    Corporation can provide solutions to insure project

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